Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What's in here?

Welcome to my blog which unveils the exciting world of verification in words!!!

sid'dha-karana aka Verification will explore the 'kal, aaj aur kal of verification' - literally translates to 'yesterday, today & tommorow of verification (context matters! the word 'kal' changes meaning with context of time).

This blog is primarily targeted to ASIC/SOC & related verification and will share -
past      - legacy stuff...
present  - insight into what's going around...
future    - some predictions and trends for future...

The hindi lingo above reflects my mother tongue (Hindi) and signifies that, the discussions though will cover verification irrespective of geography in general but will still have some focus on India in particular.

The breadth of the topics expected to be covered are -
- Verification basics
- Verification flow
- Verification languages & methodologies
- General about semiconductor industry

Apart from this I plan to spice it up with "Experiences", "Interview Questions" and ofcourse excerpts from discussions with the who's who from verification domain in our industry.

The above are guidelines to start off with. We can do a makeover as & when demanded, after all the only thing constant is change :)

Enjoy reading & continuing your experiments with BUG HUNTING!

Do drop in line of what you think about the blog to siddhakarana@gmail.com

Yours Truly,
Gaurav Jalan

1 comment:

  1. Hi Gaurav,

    Nice to see you in blogging world !
    The initiative you have taken to capture Kal Aaj or Kal for Verification is amazing. I have read your posts and enjoyed a lot.

    I look forward with more interesting stuffs with your experience.

    ASIC with Ankit