Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SNUG 2010, Bangalore

Although it's been a couple of months, I still thought of sharing my experiences from SNUG, one of the most touted conference in VLSI industry. SNUG 2010 @ Leela Palace Bangalore was witnessed by almost 2000+ engineers.

For me it was the first time I attended this event. Thanks to the recession that forced me to pack my baggages from Noida and move to Bangalore where most of the action is.

It started with the CEO Dr. Aart de Geus sharing vision of future from Synopsys perspective with a jam packed audience from the engineering community.

A few interesting messages from his keynote -
- Growth of semiconductor business = f(technology + state of economy) = Technomics.
- India & China slowly claiming stake with 6% & 9% growth during shrinking economy worldwide.
- Even though technology tried to pace up with Moore's law, the ROI is failling behind.
He also listed technologies to watch out for in 2010 -
- Cloud computing
- Energy conservation
- Video applications
After his enlightening talk, the technical tracks picked up. Since I was keen on keeping my tryst with taming bugs I jumped into the verification track. It started off with summarizing future trends on verification and then went into core technical where Synopsys users shared their interesting experiences.
Interestingly, there was an EXPO planned in the evening with different partners from the VLSI ecosystem show casing their products & services - a new feature successfully added to SNUG India.
Next day kicked off with a keynote from Global Foundries followed by an interesting session on cloud computing and verification papers.

Overall the SNUG expereince was good. Got a chance to meet friends and old colleagues. On my way back after 2 days of conference the mood was in sync with the BAG (probably inspired by bollywood flick - 3 idiots) gifted to the SNUG attendees by Synopsys symbolizing ALL IS WELL!!!

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