Saturday, September 20, 2014

DVCON India : Journey of Verification (preview)

It’s hard to tell whether it’s been 30+ years or more since the initial footsteps were taken towards this journey of verification. Whenever or wherever it took off, the caravan continues to grow. For sure it has been an exciting journey so far! The start of DVCON in India this year marks an important milestone for the troops settled in different geographies and connected with this common link we call Verification (Sid'dha-karana in the local language hindi). As an acknowledgement towards the countless efforts by each one in this journey and to celebrate the contributions of each verification engineer towards silicon success, yours truly is presenting a talk on Journey of Verification at DVCON India 2014 on Sept 25 in Bangalore.

The 2 day event touches all aspects of verification with keynotes from industry luminaries, tutorials from subject matter gurus, invited talks from domain leaders, best of the pick papers /posters, opportunity to network with the who’s who and extended exhibition hours. In this mixed bag covering all technical areas on system development and DV, I plan to share a recap of everything around verification. The story starts off introducing the basic ingredients of verification and peeps into the the need for a verification engineer, verification team and an arsenal full of tools.

After introducing the star cast, the story would move touching areas like directed verification, constrained random, the language wars, methodology wars, format wars and the conclusions on them. We quickly review the IP verification of today, aspects of SoC verification and the trends on where are we heading. The story winds up revisiting some myths that I come across talking to verification engineers and managers as part of my job. I hope this discussion would help you remember those nostalgic experiences, learn something that was always considered implicit and absorb all of it with humour.

It is an attempt to present my 2 cents on this magical world of Verification that gives us an opportunity to start out hunt for bugs everyday and try out different arms in this quest. I hope to see you join us on Sept 25-26 at Bangalore.

- If you haven’t yet registered for DVCON India 2014, here is the link.
- If you are attending DVCON India, let’s meet!
- If you want to share your exciting moments in this journey of verification drop in a comment or email me. Everyone has a story to tell.... let’s share it here!

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the slides once they're available!