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Design and Verification Conference popularly known as DVCON is beginning to flex its muscles and move out of Silicon Valley to reach your friendly neighborhood this year. Yes, DVCON will be hosting the conference at Bangalore, India and Munich, Germany in 2014 on top of the already concluded conference at San Jose, California. This blog post is a quick refresher about the event for fellow engineers who have been busy solving the most intricate verification challenges in the trenches unknowingly that a platform does exist to discuss those puzzles and hear out how the community is handling them while sharing their solutions. It’s an avenue promoting collaboration among the design and verification community without a bias for a particular tool, flow or methodology. It’s a forum where everyone, a novice or a guru, a student or a professional, a beginner or an expert come together to discuss the takeaways that can be implemented as soon as they hit their work stations. It’s a place where you learn, discuss, network, collaborate and connect.....and this time it’s HERE (Bangalore & Munich)!


It’s been 25 years in the spirit and 10 years to the name for this conference. The origin can be traced back to late 80s when VHDL started picking up; the user community started meeting twice a year under VUG (VHDL users group) leading to a conference by the name VIUF (VHDL International User Forum). Around the same time Verilog too gained user traction leading to IVC (International Verilog Conference) in early 90s. While the two events continued to serve the respective communities, they joined hands in 1997 giving way to IVC/VIUF conference later termed as HDLCon. Finally in 2003, HDLCon became DVCON giving it a legacy of 25 years and a brand that continues to evolve for a decade now. In 2014, it extends the reach to India and Europe.


ISCUG (Indian SystemC User’s Group) has been hosting an event with focus to accelerate adoption of SystemC as an open source standard for ESL design for past 2 years. This platform now morphs into DVCON India, a 2-day conference in Bangalore on Sept 25-26 2014 running Design Verification and ESL track in parallel.  In words of the committee, DVCon India is an attempt to bring a vendor-neutral international Design and Verification conference closer to home for the benefit of the broader engineering community. An excellent platform to share knowledge, experience and best practices covering ESL, Design & Verification for IP and SOC, VIP development and Virtual Prototyping for Embedded Software development and debug. The conference provides multiple opportunities to interact with industry experts delivering keynote speeches, invited talks, tutorials, panel discussions, technical paper presentations, poster sessions and exhibits from ecosystem partners.

Call for abstracts – submission deadline JULY 21st, 2014.
Registrations soon to be opened.

DVCON Europe

A new chapter for the Design and Verification community in Europe starts at Munich, Germany this year on Oct 14-15, 2014. The focus of the conference would be on Electronic System Level (ESL), Verification & Validation, Analog/Mixed-Signal, IP reuse, Design Automation, and Low Power design and verification. To know more about what you’ll see at the conference hear it in the words of Martin Barnasconi, General Chair DVCON Europe here.

Call for abstracts – submission deadline over.
Registrations – Open.

This new move from Accellera Systems Initiative opens up opportunities for thousands of engineers who have benefited from the proceedings of DVCON for a long time to get involved, contribute and learn for a better tomorrow. As Benjamin Franklin rightly said,

Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.

An excellent opportunity for all of us to get involved & learn!

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