Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 : Bidding Adieu

The year 2011 had its own set of twists and turns. A plethora of applications riding over interesting set of electronic gadgets became part of our lives. Consumption of electronics devices continued to rise and market dynamics were unpredictable more than ever. New process nodes stabilized thereby promising to shrink designs  and reduce power consumption further. The tsunami added to the woes but Japan defied the odds and showcased its ability to bounce back quickly. The sad demise of Steve Jobs was a big loss to the electronics world. Amongst all of this we experienced that market window for products is constantly tightening which means the turnaround time for designs needs to reduce incessantly. Since verification claims most of the cycles in ASIC design, the community took one step further in multiple areas to bridge this gap. Some of the highlights include -

- UVM : Final release happened with quick adoption.
- Steps taken to bring together the differences in UPF & CPF.
- Tools for generating assertions automatically adopted widely.
- Cloud computing discussions moved from closed rooms to open forums.
- Hardware acceleration jumped to mainstream.
Some interesting facts also came up. While we keep talking about next generation of verification technologies, the primitive techniques continue to dominate in parallel. For example, at ‘Siddhakarana’ the most popular post was “Gate Level Simulations” with more than thousand hits and still getting visitors on daily basis. This essentially means there are areas that need attention before they become a bottleneck in getting the designs shipped faster.

On this note, I thank you for your valuable suggestions and readership throughout 2011. I look forward for the same in 2012.

Wish you and your family "HAPPY & PROSPEROUS 2012".


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